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Cracked Concrete Wall

Past Works By Emily 

Here is a space where you can see selected bodies of work and projects completed by Emily. These range from her time completing VCE Studio Arts, to current works that she is continuing to grow from. Many of these works share the underlying theme of nature and the aim to represent natures beauty and significance. Evident within many of Emily's works is a coherent connection shown through saturated colour and a mixture of organic, detailed and ornamental patterns and intricate and expressive markings. 

Untitled design (20).png


Native Bloom Acrylic and on canvas, 2021, 

Native Bloom depicts the Australian bush landscape and flora and fauna as the warm and magical environment I see and experience it to be. Whilst also expresses its beauty in the hopes to communicate its importance and need for conservation to the viewer. 


VCE Studio Arts
Acrylic, gel pens, ink and paint markers on canvas, 2019

Emily's final artworks for VCE Studio Art explore pattern within nature form both micro and macro perspectives. Her aim being, to represent the beauty, significance and calming affects individuals have when experiencing natural phenomena such as space, water, crystals and rivers systems. These artworks explore and play with scale in an unconventional way through the use of refined acrylic pouring techniques and processes. Using both paint and ink, Emily has been able to create patterns that bleed and flow to imitate organic forms such as moss, fossils and water. 

Untitled design (21)_edited.png
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